It’s never been tougher in retail: Stressed consumers. Disruptive technologies. New international competitors. Constant pressures on margins.

These are urgent issues that are at the heart of every business, and they need practical solutions that a company can implement in months, not years. Companies need more than concepts and charts and slide demonstrations: they need a partner that has experienced retail experts who can work hand in hand with their senior executives to produce results. AlixPartners is a unique firm with a business model to provide that.

Our services focus on creating and implementing practical solutions to the core methods of increasing margins, decreasing costs, and providing sustainable strategic advantage.

We work with our retail clients to:

  • Provide best-in-class product development and sourcing by aligning a company’s expense structure and workload with competitive standards and then implementing strategies that will improve efficiency and speed to market
  • Reduce costs of goods through strategic sourcing and by aligning a company’s country mix with the countries and categories offering the greatest margin opportunity
  • Align cost structures to meet profitability goals while supporting future growth requirements 
  • Improve merchandising and planning processes to help provide the right assortment mix and product availability so as to maximize gross margin return on investment
  • Optimize promotion and markdown effectiveness by means of localized assortment and pricing strategies
  • Design and implement a seamless, omnichannel strategy to provide today’s connected consumers with consistent experiences across all channels
  • Increase top-line growth by more-effectively aligning store payroll with demand