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AlixPartners’ experts have deep experience in myriad industries, geographies, and business and legal situations. Their insights are complemented by the firm’s compelling, ongoing research in many areas. Whether you need an expert quote on a specific industry, an informed point of view on an emerging trend, or in-depth “color” on our latest study or survey, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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International trade often drives innovation: its mechanisms ultimately make trading partners more productive and influence the rate and focus of progr...

Guest Voices: Overcoming the Challenges of Merging Supply Chains | The Wall Street Journal
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Recent Press Releases

As China Devalues its Currency, Manufacturing-Sourcing Decisions Need to be More Strategic than Ever, Says AlixPartners Survey

Deep, case-by-case analysis and tight project management are key in 'a world of constant flux'

AlixPartners Wins AI’s “Management Consulting Firm of the Year – Asia Pacific”

AlixPartners has won the Acquisition International (AI) “Management Consulting Firm of the Year – Asia Pacific” award for its work on solving complex and high impact global post-merger integration.

AlixPartners announces CEO Succession

AlixPartners announced today that Simon Freakley has been appointed Co-CEO alongside the current CEO Fred Crawford.