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Current Account Comparison: Unravelling The Complexity

Current Account Comparison: Unravelling The Complexity | INSIGHT: UK Financial Services

July 2016

Better-informed bank customers make better financial decisions and drive competition across the sector. Regulators are demanding that banks provide customers with details of their own transaction data to help customers analyze the way in which the use the services of banks.

The Evolving Agenda of the Banking CFO: Driving the Transformation

The Evolving Agenda of the Banking CFO: Driving the Transformation | INSIGHT: Financial Services

July 2016

The role of the chief financial officer (CFO) in a large global bank has changed dramatically, bringing with it increased opportunities to excel—but also many and various challenges. Now seen as a key and trusted partner of the CEO, the CFO has an essential role to play in driving the transformation of a business, with a lengthening list of critical tasks, extensive responsibilities, and major objectives.

Data-Empowered Customers

Data-Empowered Customers | INSIGHT: Financial Services

July 2016

Across all sectors, the trend to give consumers data is gaining traction. The next evolution of open data will give consumers access to their own data in its most granular form. It’s become clear that the technology to put bank customers in the driving seat is within our grasp, and banks need to get ready.

Disqualification Tracker

Disqualification Tracker | Q4 2015-16

May 2016

This quarterly tracker analyses trends in the disqualification of directors across the UK - the types and seriousness of 'unfit conduct' that lead to disqualifications; the business sectors where disqualification is highest; and the characteristics of disqualified directors, including age and gender.

Financial Sponsors and Alternative Lenders: Time to Invest in Italy?

Financial Sponsors and Alternative Lenders: Time to Invest in Italy? | OUTLOOK: Financial Services

December 2014

Despite the continued recession, Italy presents many interesting opportunities for investment. A number of encouraging trends are developing in the country and many companies that managed to weather the storm and even grow are now uniquely positioned to create value in the low-growth world that looms ahead. The major success stories of private-equity divestments since 2008 show that recent divestments have maintained, if not increased, the magnitude of turnover of EBITDA growth shown by the previous vintage.

The Innovation Commitment

The Innovation Commitment | The Key to Competing in the Mobile Financial Services “Arms Race”

May 2014

Everything that touches mobile—whether it’s hardware, software, features, or apps—is experiencing rapid growth. Against that backdrop, financial institutions are competing against one another as well as against a whole host of new entrants that are commoditizing traditional financial services. 

Unlocking the Power of Compliance Data: The Product and Pricing Lifecycle Management Solution Revolution

Unlocking the Power of Compliance Data: The Product and Pricing Lifecycle Management Solution Revolution | INSIGHT: Information Management Services & Zafin

February 2014

The flurry of recent compliance and regulatory initiatives affecting the financial services industry has created a store of incredibly valuable customer behaviour data. However, for most organizations, the additional data retrieval effort represents only another compliance cost – significantly operationalizing this data in any meaningful way is beyond the capability and/or budget of most financial services institutions.

The Unbearable Lightness of Being a European Bank

The Unbearable Lightness of Being a European Bank | Using M&A to solve the growth conundrum

December 2013

To survive, banks will have to restructure, consolidate, innovate, and become more international—and all of it very soon. Banks will need to carefully consider a number of models already on the drawing board, all of which combine consolidation with the industrialization of some operations and lines of business. Among them, five types of players are emerging.

Recycling, Not Reinventing

Recycling, Not Reinventing | Reducing the Costs of Payday Lending Facilitation Compliance

August 2013

Seeing a big potential payday, class-action lawyers have joined the fray, launching lawsuits against several major banks and demanding restitution and penalties. With the right tools and experience, the significant investments that most banks have already made in their anti-money laundering (AML) processes could potentially be leveraged to provide rapid solutions to payday-lending exposure as well.

Addressing Conduct Risk Exposure

Addressing Conduct Risk Exposure | Financial Services Quarterly: Spring 2013

May 2013

Today’s dynamic marketplace requires financial services firms to rethink the fundamentals of the business with a willingness to push beyond the traditional borders regarding brand promise. A conduct-risk management framework is needed to manage this risk and, ultimately, help to evaluate and design less risky and more commercially successful products and services.

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