Bankruptcy & Restructuring

Who better to value a distressed or bankrupt company and its assets than the firm that others in the industry use as their benchmark?

The AlixPartners name is synonymous with producing results—and changing the outcome—for troubled companies. Our extensive experience in handling the unique and important financial, legal, and operational aspects of a business in a restructuring environment has equipped us with the ability to deliver timely and well-reasoned opinions.

Whether a company needs (1) a valuation to determine collateral value or the company’s worth in the context of a plan of reorganization confirmation or (2) fresh-start accounting, or (3) assistance in tactical and strategic decision making, AlixPartners’ professionals can help with assessing value in any type of workout situation.

We provide valuations that are independent and objective. This is a vital element in our ability to deliver timely and well-reasoned perspectives and support the complex needs of lenders, creditors, other stakeholders, and attorneys in litigation.

We have advised diverse groups of stakeholders in connection with:

  • Prebankruptcy planning 
  • Collateral valuation 
  • Stakeholder negotiations 
  • Plans of reorganization 
  • Plan confirmation disputes 
  • Transactions
  • Liquidation analyses 
  • Intellectual property assessment 
  • Fresh-start accounting

Case Summaries

Plan of Reorganization Value – Bankruptcy Strategy and Negotiation

On behalf of the board of directors, AlixPartners valuation team was engaged to provide a comprehensive, global analysis of a major automotive OEM in connection with the assessment of the sale of its assets under Section 363 of the U.S. bankruptcy code. In short order and working with OEM employees and the company’s multiple advisors around the world, AlixPartners assessed the going concern value of core foreign operations, joint ventures and stakes in a myriad of other ancillary businesses and also determined the value, on a liquidation basis, of the company’s North American business and other diverse assets. The board ultimately decided to pursue the sale and the new entity subsequently emerged from Chapter 11 with a supportable capital structure and improved operations.

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Acquisition Purchase Accounting

AlixPartners was retained by an international food conglomerate to value the intangible assets acquired in a multi-billion dollar purchase of an international food company for purchase accounting and tax purposes. Our analysis included valuing all categories of identifiable intangible assets, such as trademarks, in-process research and development, and customer relationships, as well as determining the goodwill resulting from the transaction.

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