Corporate Technology Services

Our IT and Applied Analytics experts specialize in helping companies use their information effectively, quickly, and at lower cost while realizing greater value. We apply the lessons learned through three decades of successful enterprise-wide business improvement experience to reduce IT costs and generate valuable business insights quickly and affordably.  

Our unique problem-solving approach—whereby focused areas of expertise can operate independently or as parts of an interrelated whole—follows two distinct paths to profitability: IT Performance Improvement and Applied Analytics.

IT Performance Improvement

We provide independent, senior-level expertise that assists executives with IT performance improvement regardless of the state of a company’s IT function. The depth of our experience enables us to exert a rapid and sustainable impact in the areas of:

  • IT cost reduction, insourcing and outsourcing analysis, and vendor negotiation
  • IT strategy development, organization and governance design, and full IT transformation
  • IT due diligence, carve-out, and merger integration planning and execution
  • IT crisis management, interim IT leadership roles, and project turnaround

Applied Analytics

To help a company extract valuable meaning from big data, our Applied Analytics experts develop fast, affordable, and customized analytical solutions that deliver real-time insights into the company’s business and that drive maximum performance. Our end-to-end analytic solutions include:

  • Data Wrangling
  • Analytics Science
  • Business Strategy
  • Visualization and Delivery


Cyberthreats are becoming harder to fend off as data and technology become more and more business critical. Intellectual property, assets, personal data, operational performance, and brand reputation are all being challenged. The threats require that all disciplines within the business—finance, technical, security, legal, and human resources—work together to mitigate them. AlixPartners’ cybersecurity practice supports technology and management teams in deriving for the firm’s clients the information those clients need for making strategic judgments about their companies’ security and growth and for applying a balanced business, operational, and technical approach to managing risk.

Our work and the work of our partners are designed to support clients in all phases of their cybersecurity maturity and through life by expertly performing the following functions.

  • Cyberaudit and cyberassessment: To become familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of both architectures and governances of clients, as well as the threat posed to operations within clients’ businesses and those of their partners.
  • Analysis and proposition of options: To understand what needs to be done to match threats to the business’s expectations and to match cybergovernances to stakeholders’ expectations.
  • Program design and development: To design and, if required, manage, panbusiness and multidisciplinary cyberprograms for clients.
  • Strategic advice and crisis support: To offer advice to senior leaders, to put in place strict measures that help ensure that cyberspace gets treated as part of the enterprise risk management process, and to provide support during crises.

What makes us different?

  • We are business, operations, and technology experts
  • We deliver in weeks, not years
  • We generate quantifiable value

By thinking and acting first and foremost as business improvement specialists, we increase the value that IT can add to a client’s business and the speed at which the client’s business can operate.