Are you ready for extraordinary?

AlixPartners has worked with clients around the world for more than forty years, helping businesses respond to challenges when everything is on the line – from urgent performance improvement to complex restructuring, from risk mitigation to accelerated transformation.

Each project is different, but they all have one thing in common—a need for decisive, informed, and often urgent action. And because that need is at the heart of everything we do, it has come to shape every aspect of our business.

The way we work – with our clients, as well as each other—is as much a part of who we are as what we actually do. It’s what makes us different – and the partner of choice for some of the world’s most successful, as well as some of the most challenged, companies when it really matterssm.

We work in small, highly qualified teams with specific industry expertise, and we operate at pace, moving quickly from analysis to implementation.  We stand shoulder to shoulder with our clients until the job is done, and only measure our success in terms of the results we deliver.

Making the switch to AlixPartners

Experienced consultants come to AlixPartners to:

  • Lead meaningful work with executive-level client teams
  • Explore industries and use cases that they are passionate about
  • Contribute to practical strategies and help implement them
  • Participate on teams with diverse backgrounds, experiences and personal journeys.

Why AlixPartners is different

We focus on doing meaningful work that matters—now.  Our clients rely on us to move quickly, practically and strategically.  That means more opportunity to work with senior executives, and less focus on volumes of strategy recommendations that no one ever reads.  Our way is different, and we hire only those who will excel in our fast-paced, entrepreneurial culture. 

Our Corporate Services teams embrace the same entrepreneurial approach

Our consulting professionals succeed in part because there is a dedicated team of corporate services professionals supporting and anticipating their needs, and helping to grow the business. Our corporate services teams include Finance, Human Resources, Organizational Development, Marketing, Risk, Legal, Procurement, Office Management and Business Development.

Everyone at AlixPartners commits to the same set of core values. And our unique hiring process helps to ensure that everyone who joins is a great cultural fit and has the expertise to deliver exceptional results

Our corporate services colleagues come from a wide range of backgrounds, and we look to hire people with varieties of perspective and experience to add value to the firm.

Let AlixPartners help you achieve your professional success.