Realizing value through the value we bring

At every stage of an M&A deal, companies and investors face critical opportunities to create value—or destroy it. 

Unprecedented levels of disruption accelerate the need for business transformation and value creation. Liquidity levels, market uncertainty and associated fluctuations in valuations and buyer appetite raise the stakes even higher—no matter how traditional or complex the transaction, or how healthy or distressed the asset.

Whether it’s building market share through consolidation or supply chain synergies, rationalizing a portfolio to focus on your core or realizing a digital evolution, our global integrated teams of M&A experts have walked in your shoes and can support you with every step of your merger, acquisition or divestiture journey.  

We partner closely with executives, investors, and investment banks in a diverse array of industries to ensure successful outcomes at each stage of deal lifecycles, from acquisition preparation and signing, to asset ownership, to exit. 

What our clients are saying
“AlixPartners has been critical in delivering our three-year targets in two years, they drive and execute faster than any other firm we’ve worked with."

“AlixPartners provided invaluable advice throughout this process. I was extremely impressed by their ability to grasp the key drivers and use them to influence the entire process and drive value.”
—Private Equity Investor

Client Stories

When a complex merger needs precise execution

Knowing the importance of effective acquisition planning, we went to work well before stage one of the deal to ensure that the carve-out and subsequent integration proceeded smoothly, with no interruption of day-to-day business.

The benefits of the acquisition have far exceeded the client’s expectations. The closing, carve-out, and integration caused no interruptions to the business, and the two organizations are now fully integrated.

When a new combination must create value fast

A private equity owner identified a possible merger of complementary businesses. Success depended on a seamless integration. The PE firm asked AlixPartners for help in coordinating the critical phases of the M&A process.

The two businesses were successfully combined for maximum operating efficiency.  The merger delivered cost efficiencies that translated directly into a significant reduction in the new company’s cost base.

M&A Services

Through our comprehensive suite of M&A services, our teams provide end-to-end support, enabling clients to enhance deal prospects and boost portfolio assets’ performance to maximize exit value.
  • Strategic and business review
  • M&A strategy
  • Acquisition screening and target identification
  • Outside-in due diligence
  • Outside-in synergy assessment and evaluation
  • Lead M&A advisory
  • Debt advisory
  • Business plan assessment and/or creation
  • Operational and IT due diligence
  • Synergy assessment and valuation
  • Post merger integration planning
  • Post-merger integration integration
  • Synergy realization
  • Value creation strategies (planning and implementation)
  • Full potential programs
  • Buy & Build advisory support
  • Portfolio review and options analysis

Industrial logic:

  • Buyer strategy and synergy assessment
  • Red flag/deal risk assessment

Performance improvement and business planning:

  • Value creation strategies (planning and implementation)
  • Business plan / full potential programs

Exit readiness:

  • Carve-out and separation planning
  • Red-flag resolutions
  • M&A process prep


  • Lead M&A advisory
  • In-house M&A support
  • Debt advisory
  • Carve-out implementation
  • RemainCo optimization

What makes us different

  • Our preparation: We increase confidence in achieving successful outcomes through our enhanced preparation process, identifying challenges, risk and value creation opportunities.
  • Our wisdom: Senior teams with “real-world” experience of the most complex M&A scenarios.
  • Our practicality and pace: We drive better results more quickly through a relentless focus on measurable deal outcomes.
  • Our global “one-firm” approach: For all aspects of M&A activity from across our international communities, tailored to your industry or specific service needs.
  • Our operator mentality: We are hands-on with our clients throughout the journey – a collaborator and a sparring partner.
  • Our specialist experience: We have significant due diligence and post-merger integration expertise working with corporate and private equity clients.

Insights from our M&A experts

Mergers & Acquisitions
BE PREPARED TO FOCUS: Introducing AlixPartners Divestment Preparation Programme
How healthy is your business? We address the challenges facing the M&A market and introduce the Divestment Preparation Programme; a highly structured, focused approach, designed to maximize value on the sale of non-core businesses and provide greater certainty on delivering a transaction.

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