For businesses facing antitrust, litigation, regulatory, or commercial challenges, sound economic analysis is critical. Our team of antitrust and regulatory economists, econometricians, financial economists, and academic affiliates combines sharp economic insights with diverse academic, industry, and subject matter expertise.

We provide litigation support and expert testimony to support clients on antitrust matters, as well as commercial and class action litigation, and we quantify damages in both antitrust and commercial disputes.


We work on a broad spectrum of antitrust issues, from market definition, market power, and conduct to mergers and acquisitions, and market inquiries, as well as quantification of damages.  Key areas include:

  • Antitrust damages
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Cartel & anticompetitive agreements
  • Monopolization/abuse of dominance.
Notable case outcomes

How We Work

A few ways we help our clients

We analyze the competitive landscape and identify potential regulatory risks.

First 30 days

We develop analyses that help decision-makers understand the relevant economic issues.

Second request

We develop deeper insights grounded in rigorous economic analyses.

Meeting with regulators

We help educate regulators by presenting analyses to key decisionmakers.


If necessary, we help identify and assess potential remedies, including divestitures.


We think through the economics of alleged wrong doing and ground complaints in rigorous economics.

Fast discovery

We identify key data, documents, and deposition testimony that are integral to analyzing the competitive effects of the alleged conduct.

Expert discovery

We develop economic analyses that examine relevant theories of harm and expose the flaws in opposing experts’ opinions.

Settlement negotiations

We help assess whether a dispute is best resolved by litigation and analyze settlement scenarios.


We help guide the trier of fact to conclusions supported by valid economic evidence.

Insights from our economists & litigation experts

Economics Consulting
Podcast: So What’s The Loss?
Managing Director Mat Hughes offers an economist's take on private anti-trust litigation outside the US in the American Bar Association's podcast, "The Curious Amalgam"

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