Aerospace, Defense & Airlines

The A&D and airline sectors have been showing strength, but to keep pace with growing customer expectations, they should consider making up lost ground on digitalization.

Automotive & Industrial

The global vehicle market continues to grow, and it’s changing the rules of the road—dramatically.

Business & Consumer Services

Companies in the services sector are facing their own challenges creating value in a mostly low-growth world.

Consumer Products

Consumer product companies can’t continue business as usual and expect to remain relevant.

Energy & Process Industries

Volatile commodities, continuing technological change, and increasing risk have created unprecedented market conditions across the Energy and Process industry.

Financial Services

The disruptive impacts of regulation, asset light competitors, digital innovation, and FinTech mean that companies must act now, and wisely, to survive.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Healthcare & Life Science companies grapple with the global challenges of changing healthcare systems and policy, pricing pressures, operational complexity, regulatory compliance, and risk.

Private Equity & Investors

Smart decision-making is critical at every stage of the investment life cycle, from doing due diligence to managing portfolio-company performance to maximizing exit value.

Restaurants, Hospitality & Leisure

Operators are caught between an increasingly competitive global operating environment and an ever-more-demanding customer base.


You face fierce competition – from brick to click and everywhere in between. Success in this customer-first, digitally driven environment is far from a given.

Technology, Media & Telecom

The volume and pace of change in the technology, software, media, and telecommunications industries threaten to leave unprepared and slow-moving companies on the sidelines.

Transportation & Infrastructure

When the first mile is as important as the last. Decades of manufacturer and retailer (shipper) supply chain management has put pressure on their logistics and transportation partners.