Legislation. Regulation. Investigation. Litigation. Valuation. These business realities require preparation, clarity, and composure. We partner with you to help you better understand the legal landscape and manage risk in matters involving arbitration and litigation, economics consulting and valuation, investigations and compliance, legal analytics and eDiscovery.

Litigation and business disputes can disrupt business operations, damage reputations, and erase shareholder value. But they don’t have to.

The outcome of an investigation, dispute, or negotiation with creditors or regulators can hinge on sound analysis and assessment of empirical evidence.

When faced with accounting, corruption, money laundering, and other allegations, stakeholders need to know the facts – and how to fix critical control gaps – quickly.

We work with the full volume and variety of data subject to discovery and help to determine a clear course of action.

We provide a range of specialized solutions to help reduce risk and stabilize organizations.