Environmental Management System (EMS)

Our Policy

AlixPartners, LLP and its subsidiaries (collectively, AlixPartners) is committed to responsible stewardship of the environment and management of systems/resources such that we have a positive impact on the environment, society, and economy. In addition, we encourage our stakeholders (employees, suppliers, contractors, clients, etc.) to similarly behave in ways that support our vision for environmental sustainability practices.

Our Commitment

AlixPartners is committed to the following policy objectives:

  • Meet or exceed applicable government requirements and any voluntary requirements to which we subscribe
  • Make employees aware of our corporate environmental impacts, as well as the environmental management system that we operate within, and our guiding principles and trends
  • Develop a long-term vision and goals which are consistent with being good stewards of the environment
  • Establish energy usage baselines against which to compare future energy use and establish energy saving goals
  • Develop and implement creative solutions to achieve our vision and goals
  • Periodically review environmental performance and implement continual improvement of the corporate environmental strategy as needed

In addition, we will endeavor to (as a minimum):

  • Conserve natural resources by reusing and recycling materials
  • Eliminate waste generation wherever practical
  • Use energy responsibly – conserving energy and improving energy efficiency wherever practical – and prefer renewable energy when practical
  • Minimize water consumption, especially at our offices located in areas of water scarcity
  • Implement energy efficient and environmentally sound solutions in our offices, such as use of eco-friendly floor covering, energy saving light systems and reusable utensils, tableware and drinkware
  • Make conscious travel decisions considering the environmental impact of associated travel and alternatives thereto
  • Consider opportunities for positive environmental impact in leasing decisions, with special consideration given to leasing space in facilities that are designed, constructed, and operated in accordance with generally-accepted green building standards; and conduct renovation build-outs according to similar standards

Additional details regarding baseline energy consumption and progress toward above goals/commitments may be requested via email at AP-FacilitiesTeam@alixpartners.com