This year, in AlixPartners’ 2021 Global Anticorruption Survey, 300+ respondents came from 20 industries worldwide and comprised compliance and risk management professionals as well as corporate counsel and other professionals in legal, accounting/finance and purchasing/procurement.

Anticorruption is globally pervasive. In fact, 80% of our respondents indicated that their industry is regularly exposed to corrupt practices and 70% have self-reported wrongdoing to regulatory authorities in the past two years. The survey explores a number of areas where there is room for improvement – and we urge companies to look at these as opportunities to raise their game.

Last year’s survey focused on how companies were addressing corruption risk in the “new normal” environment stemming from the COVID pandemic. While the pandemic remains, the environment continues to evolve and the business world has made significant adjustments, resulting in new, effective approaches to fighting corruption.

We’re particularly struck this year by the number of respondents who indicated their organizations were not aggressively responding to corruption concerns. Respondents identified several such gaps, indicating their organizations had not.


Established a dedicated anticorruption program or written policies


Ever conducted an anticorruption risk assessment or benchmarking review of its compliance policies


Developed real-time monitoring of suspicious behavior