In this week-in-the-life diary, Tasneem Chipty, Managing Director, global co-lead of the AlixPartners’ Economics Consulting practice and member of the Asian Leadership Insights and Growth Network (ALIGN) employee resource group, shares how she recharges after a busy week of client work with exercise, sushi, The Crown, and more exercise.

Monday, February 15

8:00 am: I start my Presidents’ Day holiday working out virtually with my personal trainer—weights with interval training. Why does she push me so hard? Oh yes, because I asked her to!

9:00 am: Shower, coffee, and then I get a surprise visit from my sister, who wants me to go for a long walk with her. We walked the Freedom Trail and then the Boston Harbor Walk.

2:30 pm: I take out my laptop and read a deposition. The deponent was quite interesting—at places I laughed out loud.

Tuesday, February 16

5:00 am: I get a head start on reviewing more documents, in preparation for my team meetings. I know once the normal day starts, I will be back-to-back.

11:00 am: I meet with Hiu Man Chan, Georgi Tsvetkov, and Yogesh Bahl. We are just starting a fascinating healthcare case involving an antitrust dispute. This is my first time working with Yogesh—really looking forward to learning from him.

12:00 pm: I join my monthly call for the Pricing Conduct Committee of the American Bar Association. In my role as a vice chair, I provide a status update on several initiatives that I lead. For example, I am working on a program on loyalty rebates, and when they cross that line between competitive and anticompetitive.

4:00 pm: I meet with one of my other case teams to discuss a list of priority tasks and a division of labor for an upcoming deadline. While we are managing with the realities of virtual work, I think we all find it to be especially challenging in the heat of a deadline.

7:00 pm: I have a meet-and-greet with a potential academic affiliate who is interested in establishing a relationship with us. Many affiliates specialize in competition economics and are often testifiers in high-profile antitrust cases. I tell the potential affiliate about our practice capabilities and express enthusiasm in supporting his work.

Wednesday, February 17

5:00 am: I prepare for a two-hour client meeting where I will be the lead presenter. I sort through complaints, noodle some ideas, and prepare a set of talking points.

10:30 am: Our call kicks off right on time. It’s me and Anne Gron from AlixPartners, and eight attorneys from the client side. My talking points serve me well. Lots of questions leads to a great discussion.

12:30 pm: I meet with our marketing team to discuss events for the year ahead. We are hoping for some in-person events late in 2021! Fingers crossed.

3:00 pm: Standing client meeting on an on-going merger investigation. Mergers can be really interesting to study because they are focused on prospective competitive effects, not retrospective competitive effects tied to some past or on-going conduct. The attorneys pose a series of interesting questions to get our reactions.

6:00 pm: Exhausted...DoorDash sushi from one of my favorite restaurants and watch an episode of The Crown.

Thursday, February 18

5:00 am: I revise a slide deck for a law firm presentation. This is the third time I will give this talk. Love being able to showcase AlixPartners’ global capabilities.

10:00 am: Another weekly client call. This one is an antitrust counterclaim in a branded-generic drug dispute. It’s exciting to work on so many different kinds of cases! We discuss status and brainstorm strategies on how counsel can help us get the information we need.

2:00 pm: Back-to-back feedback conversations with MDs for whom I am the performance partner. Impressive colleagues, great conversations.

Friday, February 19

6:00 am: Needing to squeeze in some exercise, I run on the treadmill with the Aptiv app. Best way to start the day.

9:30 am: I jump on a virtual coffee catch-up with a member of my team, Amogha Rao. We talk about his upcoming visit with his parents and how his experience transitioning to AlixPartners is going. Always a pleasure.

3:00 pm: I meet with another case team to review draft analyses. Wow, we’ve made lots of great progress.

4:00 pm: I meet with someone from our legal department to understand a contract for handling health data with personally identifying health information. So many people work behind scenes to help us serve our clients.

This month, in recognition of Lunar New Year, AlixPartners is sharing stories of renewal and unity—how we are applying the lessons learned and how we are coming together to move forward following a challenging 2020.

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