A new reality requires a transformative mindset

COVID-19 has fundamentally – and, in many areas, permanently – changed the ways in which our world will operate for years to come. As the fog begins to lift, the road ahead for companies and stakeholders will no doubt be different from what we anticipated at the start of 2020. So, where next?

In its 16th year, AlixPartners’ Annual Turnaround & Transformation Survey brings together the myriad perspectives from restructuring experts around the globe, as well as our corporate client base, to reveal the many challenges the pandemic has caused. And while COVID-19 may have taken center stage in the past year, the pace of broader disruption continues to increase behind it, just as it had been prior to this specific crisis. Now more than ever, there is a pressing need for businesses and leaders of every kind to adapt, evolve and innovate

“The pandemic has only served to magnify the need for businesses of any kind to adapt, evolve, and innovate at an ever-increasing pace.”