Fifth Annual Private Equity (PE) Leadership Survey

At any portfolio company (portco), the right corporate culture is vital for generating the business results required by the enterprise’s PE sponsor. And a portco’s culture hinges on who’s at the helm. How? These leaders’ behaviors, beliefs, and values powerfully shape the company’s culture, or “the way we do things here.” And that culture, in turn, influences the policies, procedures, and practices in play at the portco—including those involved in executing strategy.

In AlixPartners’ Fifth Annual PE Leadership Survey, we closely examined this theme, asking participating investors and operators how they think culture relates to portco performance. After all, culture is all about human capital; in short, leadership and talent. And in today’s business landscape, potent forces (including heightened competition for the best talent) determine how strongly a portco’s culture supports—or imperils—the strategic direction spelled out for the business.

With the right talent in place, a portco stands the best possible chance of fostering the culture required to put into action the strategies essential for investment success.

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