M&A services for investors

At every stage of the investment cycle, investors face critical opportunities to create—or destroy—value. Our complete suite of M&A services, from generating deal flow to improving performance to maximizing exit value, helps investors make the right decisions and take the right actions, when it really matters.


We use our deep industry knowledge, wide global network, and rapid, data-driven approach to identify and evaluate potential deals to uncover the highest-value opportunities.

Industry attractiveness and sector insights

Perform systematic sector screening, based on extensive sector experience and research, considering trends, growth areas, developments and issues

Target identification and screening

Generate deals and review potential M&A transactions; evaluate transactions’ rational and value potential

Operations and IT due diligence

Perform implementation-focused due diligence, highlighting and quantifying opportunities, costs, execution priorities, issues, and red flags

Commercial due diligence

Review commercial considerations related to market dynamics, competitive landscape, customer/client feedback, growth opportunities, and risk

Management due diligence

Assess management capabilities and performance track record; review proposed incentives and potential impact on business deliverables

Corporate finance and debt advisory

Provide M&A lead advisory services, trade and asset sales, debt advisory, business valuations, and private equity fundraising


Provide M&A transactions advisory, including potential regulatory considerations and negotiation support

Legal & Regulatory Support

Provide regulatory and legal support, working together with partners, around antitrust issues, potential litigation, and disputes

Our M&A Team


Our “quick start program” spans onboarding, assessments and prioritization, and enables the new entity to begin creating value as soon as the deal is signed.


  • Onboard the PE or management team and establish business objectives, incentives, and corporate governance procedures
  • Build reporting and KPI dashboards

Operational assessment

  • Conduct a “quick scan” of operations and opportunities based on the due diligence review
  • Evaluate the quick scan results alongside the investment thesis, ensuring alignment and highlighting potential issues

Setting value enhancement priorities

  • Identify and accelerate priorities
  • Highlight potential focus areas, like top-line growth, procurement, working capital and CAPEX, SG&A and IT, and manufacturing


Using our proprietary data mining capabilities and analysis, we build a full-potential program that helps new companies achieve real results on the top line, the bottom line, and across all business lines.

Revenue growth

  • Market and channel strategies
  • Contract bidding and management
  • Pricing and product, customer, and channel profitability
  • Sales force effectiveness
  • Applied analytics

Cash and working capital management

  • Cash forecasting and liquidity management
  • Working capital reduction
  • CAPEX effectiveness
  • Business plan development
  • Refinancing support and balance sheet restructuring

Organizational effectiveness

  • Leadership team effectiveness and organization design
  • Talent strategy and evaluation
  • Coaching for enterprise change
  • Culture transformation assessment
  • Risk and compliance management

Profit improvement

  • Operational facility performance and network improvements
  • Procurement optimization
  • Innovation and new product or process introduction
  • Overhead and support functions


The decisions surrounding a transaction are critical. We work with urgency and a relentless focus on results to maximize deal value, both before and after the deal.

Post-merger integration

Ensure strict EBITDA focus; assess leadership; integrate the organization, culture, systems, and processes; develop and realize synergies; provide clean room support; establish and execute PMO; buy and build support


Separate the organizations, segregate duties, establish governance structures; develop standalone financial reporting; de-couple systems and processes; separate operations; analyze and review separation costs; provide M&A lead advisory and project management

Exit readiness

Prepare exit readiness/reparation (pre-500 days); prepare management; provide exist support and stakeholder management

Transaction advisory

Provide M&A lead advisory, trade and asset sales, debt advisory services; prepare business plan and investment rationale; perform valuation; identify buyers

Sell-side due diligence

Perform operations, IT, and commercial due diligence

Global Coordinators

Global Team