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Britton Russell

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Britton is expert in retail and consumer products, with his more than 25 years of industry and consulting experience. He has worked globally in North America, Europe, and Asia across all functional areas, with deep expertise in supply chain operations. In his consulting experience, Britton has led clients' strategic plan development and business transformations and achieved specific operational improvements. Britton is sought after for his ability to work end-to-end across supply chain on a global level. Prior to AlixPartners, he held leadership roles at Michael Kors and The Home Depot as well as multiple leadership roles at Kurt Salmon Associates. Britton has a Bachelor of Arts from Duke University.

Britton Russell

Britton是零售和消费品领域的专家,拥有超过25年的行业和咨询经验。 他曾在北美、欧洲和亚洲等地工作,在供应链运营方面获得深厚的专业知识。 在他的咨询从业经验中,Britton曾帮助客户制定战略计划、进行业务转型并成功为其实现有效的运营改善。 Britton有着出色的端到端及跨供应链方面的咨询经验,因而在全球供应链专业领域内受到追捧。 在加入艾睿铂之前,他曾在Michael Kors, The Home Depot和Kurt Salmon Associates担任领导职务。


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