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Dirk Lennarz

Associate, New York
  • O+1 (646) 428-9311
  • M+1 (404) 906-7101
Dirk has academic experience in predictive modeling, focusing on data analysis for astrophysics. Prior to joining AlixPartners, Dirk worked as a postdoctoral fellow for the Georgia Institute of Technology and Michigan State University where he modeled experimental background and tested data against the hypothesis of a potential astrophysical signal. He has experience using a multitude of tools including C++ and Python (numpy, scipy, matplotlib) and has contributed code to a publicly available toolkit for astrophysics (gammapy). Dirk completed his Ph.D. program at the Max-Planck institute for nuclear physics in Heidelberg and holds a diploma degree in physics from RWTH Aachen University. He is proficient in German, English, and Spanish.