edesantis@alixpartners.com Emanuele de Santis Vice President AlixPartners, LLP +1 (646) 428-9258 https://www.alixpartners.com/media/9038/edesantis_ba_3860_480x480.jpg
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Emanuele de Santis

Vice President, New York
  • O+1 (646) 428-9258
  • M+1 (917) 657-4212
Emanuele has over a decade of experience helping clients unlock the financial value buried across their disparate data sources through rigorous business analysis. He is a digital disruption strategist with experience across key functional domains, including operational and marketing effectiveness, customer analytics, selling, general and administrative expense (SG&A) optimization, and strategic cost reduction. He implements a rigorous, analytical approach to complex financial problems, exploring large data sets to quickly distil and visualize actionable business insights.