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Fabien has almost 15 years of industry-related experience, with a strong focus on finance and restructuring. As chief restructuring officer, he recently assisted a private-equity fund in the turnaround of an agri-food company by implementing working-capital optimization strategy, defining a new business plan and associated financing strategy, and supporting the CEO of the company in management of the transformation plan. Fabien has also supported the takeover of a €350M retail company in the context of a judiciary liquidation and acted as interim chief financial officer (CFO) during the Christmas season. Previously, he was with the French Ministry of the Economy and finance. Notably he conducted negotiations for the restructuring of a logistics company that supplied stores with national press. Besides gaining experience in the public sector, he was with Saint-Gobain and Orange. Fabien graduated from École Polytechnique and Corps des Mines. He is a native speaker of French and is fluent in English.