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Michael McCool

Managing Director
Hong Kong


Michael is a senior management consulting professional living and working in Greater China. He has extensive experience in operations improvement, manufacturing, and supply chain management, having worked with clients in the retail, consumer goods, and consumer electronics sectors, focusing especially on apparel, consumer durables, food and beverage, and personal care. Michael specializes in helping clients bring about immediate and lasting operational improvement and in enhancing their profitability. Prior to joining AlixPartners, he was withA.T. Kearney, where he led the firm's operations practice in Greater China. Michael has a Bachelor of Engineering and a Master of Engineering from the University of Nottingham.

麦高乐 Michael McCool

麦高乐先生是一位有多年经验的资深管理咨询专业人士,他在运营改善、生产制造、供应链与配送物流等方面都有大量深入的经验。他为众多消费品行业的客户提供过咨询服务,并特别聚焦于与食品及饮料类快消品和零售。 麦高乐专注于帮助客户实现立竿见影且效果可以长期持续的运营提升和盈利能力改善。

在加入艾睿铂之前,麦高乐在科尔尼管理咨询公司(A.T. Kearney)有过8年的工作经历,曾担任科尔尼大中华区运营团队的负责人。

麦高乐拥有英国诺丁汉大学的工程学士和工程硕士学位。 麦高乐在大中华区有20年的工作和生活经历。

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