vsehgal@alixpartners.com Vineet Sehgal Managing Director AlixPartners, LLP +1 (212) 845-4021 https://www.alixpartners.com/media/13001/vsehgal_tz_9787_480x480.jpg
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Vineet Sehgal

Managing Director, New York


Vineet applies almost two decades of experience in guiding his clients through the complexities of high-profile corporate litigation and investigation matters. He has extensive experience in leading technology teams in litigation consulting, auditing and accounting matters, financial and regulatory investigations, and settlement and restitution administrations. Working with complex data management systems, he is an expert in extracting and analyzing vast amounts of information with the goal of delivering concise insights. Using his background in finance, accounting, and information technology, Vineet effectively communicates between cross-functional company departments and has led engagements involving multiple government agencies. He has a Master of Science in information systems.