ycuevas@alixpartners.com Yamel Cuevas Vice President AlixPartners, LLP +1 (646) 746-2488 https://www.alixpartners.com/media/10148/ycuevas_ms_079_480x480.jpg
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Yamel Cuevas

Vice President, New York
  • O+1 (646) 746-2488
  • M+1 (718) 964-7593
Yamel is an expert in developing and executing retail operational strategies and has nearly two decades of retail management consulting experience. He focuses on managing complex implementations and leading cross functional teams with competing priorities towards executing sustainable change. He has deep expertise in order management, merchandise planning, product development, and supply chain. Yamel understands how retail technologies sustain process improvements over time. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering and computer science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.