Turnaround and restructuring often requires a detailed evaluation of a company’s financial operations—fast. Our methodology closely and quickly examines a company’s finance function with a focus on effectiveness, efficiency, and risk. This approach enables us to quickly find opportunities that could improve value creation, reduce costs, and mitigate risk—usually in four weeks or less.

Our assessment includes:

  • Cash management and treasury function
  • Working capital management
    • Accounts receivable and credit management
    • Accounts payable and vendor management
    • Inventory turns and SKU proliferation/profitability
  • Automation and opportunities to increase productivity
  • Outsourcing as a potential savings opportunity
  • Tax department structure and opportunities to reduce its cost
  • FP&A function and how it can create greater organizational value
  • Dashboard reporting and how its insights can be improved
  • Error rates and processes with greater than acceptable risk

We can also provide a detailed playbook, help oversee the playbook’s implementation, and identify further opportunities for improvement.

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