Building a diverse culture is a marathon, not a sprint

Why do diversity and inclusion programs so often stall?  

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Too many sectors and industries have been unable to solve the diversity and inclusion conundrum, have not moved beyond tokenism, or are struggling to incorporate these principles through the breadth and hierarchy of the organization. Numerous studies show that increasing diversity in an organization improves financial performance, delivers better returns, leads to higher stock growth, and increases overall productivity and profitability.

To be diverse or not is not the right question to ask anymore. Instead, the puzzle that needs cracking centers on the how.

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AlixTalks: Lessons from a unconventional career

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In this episode of AlixTalks, CEO Simon Freakley speaks with Dambisa Moyo, economist, board director and author of "The Edge of Chaos," about her career choices and lessons learned from working across functional lines and international borders.  

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