Businesses Pay Attention to EXTREME WEATHER

Extreme weather impact on business2018 California, USA wildfire; Photo courtesy of NASA

Extreme weather and natural disasters will have the largest impact on business this year, according to the World Economic Forum. 

The exact impact of future events may be hard to predict, but experts have managed to connect a warming world with the growing number and intensity of extreme weather events. Continued greenhouse gas emissions are likely to cause further warming, which could lead to more extreme weather events in the short term and troubling economic and social consequences in the longer term.

Businesses are beginning to worry.  Is your business ready to cope as weather becomes more extreme?

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Risk Mitigation: Preparing for the impact of extreme weather and natural disasters

extreme weather risk mitigation video

What are the risk factors of extreme weather and natural disasters, and how can business prepare for the unpredictable? Watch the video above to find out.