NATIONALISM In an Age of Globalization

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The rise of populism around the world is having a definite impact on business strategy, revenue growth, and the actions of leaders. 

A retreat from globalization in key markets around the world presents new challenges for leaders. Nearly everywhere, the conversation around nationalism and "the new globalization" has become highly politicized and emotionally charged. Business and industry will need to find ways to navigate this new environment. Whether it’s reevaluating the value chain or advocating for policies that ensure a competitive environment, companies will need to pay close attention to survive emerging shifts in a new world architecture.

What are the roles and responsibilities of business during these times?

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AlixTalks: The future of globalization

alixtalks future of globalism video

Financial Times chief economics commentator Martin Wolf discusses how business leaders can move forward amid the differing views of globalization in developed and developing economies in this episode of AlixTalks with CEO Simon Freakley.

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