PRIVACY Wars Intensifying

business data privacy preparation

As the need for accountability and transparency grows, privacy has become a business-critical topic among executives and boards.  Devices are becoming more connected, while the amount and nature of the data collected continues to proliferate. 

This makes data privacy not just an issue for technology companies, but any business that collects personal information. 

Longer term, the real question remains: What will consumers decide when it comes to the trade-off between convenience and confidentiality?  That answer will impact the future of the Internet, advances in artificial intelligence and will have rippling effects across all industries.

Cryptocurrency Crime: Are you protected?

Cryptocurrency crimes article

Cryptocurrencies and other blockchain technologies will undoubtedly continue to disrupt financial payment systems, and criminals will continue to find more and more lucrative ways to exploit these technologies and those who use them. This means that the number of insolvent exchanges and initial coin offerings (ICOs) is only going to grow. In the face of this, it is imperative that businesses continue to evolve both legally and technically at an equal pace.  Read the full article here.