2019 global anticorruption survey

October 30, 2019
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AlixPartners’ 2019 anticorruption survey polled more than 300 senior executives – corporate counsel, legal, compliance, accounting/finance, and purchasing/procurement professionals representing more than 20 industries globally.  This year, the results indicate an increasing awareness of corruption risk and its effects on business decisions.  Our report examines how companies are bolstering their anticorruption programs and where they fall short, how technology plays a role, what’s happening with whistleblowing, and regional difficulties. 

At a glance:

  • Companies are more aware of risks associated with corrupt business practices, and their business decisions reflect this.
  • Organizations are looking to enhance their anticorruption programs.
  • Executives are eager for more training and knowledge building.
  • The need for more digital tools in the face of increasing complexity of governance and volume of data continues to grow.
  • Exposure to corruption in certain regions is seen as unavoidable, and some companies have made business decisions to avoid these regions.

Meet the Authors

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Andrew Gust

Director, Chicago

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