Effectively combining the demanding requirements of work with personal and family lives can be a challenge. AlixPartners offers a sabbatical program for Directors and above that enables anyone to take a leave of up to three months for any reason, providing a rare opportunity to rebalance work and personal life for positive professional and personal outcomes.

In September 2023, Colin did just this.

After a 20-year professional journey, Colin powered down his laptop and logged out for the remainder of the year, marking the first time since his university days that he could indulge in three months of leave. The desire to something like this had been brewing within him for several years, but life’s twists and turns often intervened. He recognized that if he was going to do this, he had to make it count, and his goal was clear.

“Everyone has their own view on what they would do if they had three months of free time, whether it’s learning a new skill, writing a book, or watching as much Netflix as is humanly possible. My own goal was to cram in as much travel as I could, and tick off a few bucket list items.”

Colin’s bucket list included visiting many of the most stunning places on the planet. Here’s a glimpse into his adventures.

Bhutan’s Snowman Trek: A month-long trek through the majestic Himalayas, where Colin crossed high mountain passes, witnessed awe-inspiring valleys, and indulged in an impromptu dance-off with Bhutanese camp crews.

Patagonia’s National Parks: Colin explored the rugged beauty of Patagonia, and immersed himself in its untamed landscapes, meeting and spending time with great people.

The lakes to the south of the Torres Del Paine

Cabo Verde’s natural grandeur: From volcanic peaks to azure coastlines, Cabo Verde surprised Colin with its diverse natural wonders. He also enjoyed scree-running down Pico do Fogo!

Selfie in the Ribeira da Torre valley

Colin noted that the trip wouldn’t be possible without the support of his wife for taking on more than her share of cat care and family obligations, his colleagues for picking up his client responsibilities, and the firm for making it possible.

 “I appreciate that I am extremely privileged to have been in this position, and it was truly unforgettable,” Colin said. “I’m entering 2024 having totally switched off from the stresses of everyday professional life, and ready for the next 20 years.”

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