We create an environment where our people can do their best work and reach their full potential. Informed by our Core Values of personal respect and common sense, we approach our work with humility, openness, and humor and we celebrate our people’s diverse experiences, background, and viewpoints.

Our people-centric culture is further reinforced by the way we do things. Through our benefits, policies, and programs, we prioritize work-life effectiveness, flexibility, holistic well-being, and inclusion.

Our culture and values

Core Values: Commitment Professionalism Teamwork Common Sense Personal Respect Communication

Working together

We recognize the complementary nature of our individual qualities, technical skills, and personal expertise and we work in concert to bring all our capabilities and experiences to our internal and external clients’ situations.

Doing the right thing

We work with integrity, intellectual honesty, and confidentiality. We establish and maintain all of our relationships based upon mutual trust, observing principles of objectivity, independence, and due care and we focus on the needs of our clients, our associates, and the firm.

Nurturing our people

We recognize that each of us has our own personal and career goals. We respect each other’s personal values and communicate in a straightforward manner that fosters a common understanding, mutual respect, rapid progress, and the appreciation of all points of view.

Being the best

We believe in the continuous improvement of our capabilities and technical skills. We concentrate on finding creative, yet practical and realistic, solutions in every situation.