7:00 am: Is that my alarm clock? Not exactly—it is my one-year-old daughter Lulù.  

9:00 am: On the train, I send a note to my colleague Anna about the event we are hosting on Friday for our Women’s Empowerment Matters employee resource group. 

9:40 am: Arrive at the client site and enjoy a coffee while completing a review of my previous project. Giving and receiving feedback is a key part of the job at AlixPartners!  

10:30 am: Our day-long meeting with the client begins. We are trying to understand the IT cost history. The client’s accountability system has changed numerous times in the last five years, which makes it a challenge to sort through.  

2:00 pm: During the meeting, I find out that there will be a strike at my son Leo's school tomorrow afternoon! Luckily, I have the flexibility to rearrange my schedule so that I can pick him up early.  

7:00 pm: The client meeting wraps up. I draft a few slides to summarize our findings before an internal meeting to discuss Thursday’s workshop agenda. 

9:15 pm: I head home to shower, eat dinner, and watch a TV episode with my husband Saverio. My children are already sleeping – thanks to the invaluable support of my mother! 



9:15 am: I arrive at the client site for a brief internal discussion with my team before our first client meeting.  

2:00 pm: I pick up Leo up from school and work the rest of the day at home. Leo plays on his tablet until the nanny arrives at 3:00 pm. I work on the slides for the client workshop later in the week and meet with my project leader to clarify our objectives. 

3:20 pm: While on a client call, I hear a knock on the door. It’s one of Saverio’s clients who mistakenly came to our home instead of my husband’s office! I provide him with the right address and return to my call. 3.30 pm: Several additional calls with clients and colleagues. 

8:00 pm: I put Lulù to sleep while my mother does the same for Leo—and my husband? He's still working! No, he's not a consultant—he is a lawyer. We have dinner when he gets home and I, energized after my break, complete a few slides. 


9:00 am: I spend my train ride preparing for my day, which includes a pre-reading of the workshop with the client and a “lights walk” for Saint Lucia at Lulù’s school. Last weekend, we prepared Christmas lanterns for the walk and I’m pretty satisfied with the results. The children enjoyed painting, cutting, pasting, and parading around house with their lights—I’m excited to see them again tonight. 

9:15 am: I spend some time working on slides before meeting with the client to review the workshop materials for tomorrow. The meeting goes well, and we are aligned on the messaging that will be presented to the larger group! 

4:45 pm: I leave work and arrive at Lulù’s school just in time for the lights walk. I sing along to the Christmas songs with my children, my mother, and Lulù’s friends and teachers.  

6:00 pm: I hop back onto my laptop for some meetings and to make final adjustments to the slides for the workshop tomorrow. 

10.30 pm: After finishing dinner, I take a final client call. 



7:20 am: My alarm beats Lulù today! I want to get to the client site early for a quick internal review before the workshop starts. 

8:15 am: Just as we are ready to go, Leo throws up! I clean him up and quickly get everyone out the door. When I reach the train station, I am met with another unexpected delay. All trains are running behind schedule because of a strike! There are no taxis, so I wait 20 minutes until the next crowded train arrives.  

9:35 am: I finally arrive at the client site. Luckily, I am not the only one who is late, and my team is able to align before the workshop. We are ready to go!  

10:00 am: The workshop begins. It is a long but interesting meeting with a lot of discussion on potential savings. At the end, the client presents an unexpected challenge and I get started on potential solutions.  

7:00 pm: I head to the AlixPartners office, which we just opened in September, and am joined by my husband for the annual holiday dinner. It is wonderful to have the opportunity to share good food and great conversations with my colleagues!  



7:15 am: Lulù “rings!” Today is a special day. As local champion for the Women’s Empowerment Matters employee resource group, I, with the help of my wonderful colleagues, have arranged a "Lunch & Learn" session with an external speaker on how to use innovation and technology for gender equality. I am hopeful that everything will go well!     

12:00 pm: The speaker is fantastic! We all enjoy the session and walk away with some creative ideas to increase the female presence in our office.   

3:45 pm: My mom gets sick and can’t pick the children up from school. I have to leave the office and bring them home. Luckily, my husband joins me and is able to take care of them. 

6:45 pm: After a busy week, I am excited to spend the evening with my children. I prepare dinner, enjoy a meal, and play with them until bedtime. Once they are asleep, I close up a few remaining work projects for the week before logging off to relax.  

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