I was part of a team that provided expert testimony and litigation support services in a major trial related to Bitcoin with tens of billions of dollars in digital assets potentially on the line.

Because cryptocurrency is less understood, AlixPartners was engaged by counsel to provide the technical acumen and the in-depth analysis of the bitcoin software needed to prove their case. Before joining AlixPartners, I was a computer programmer with experience in blockchain technology, which, combined with the cyber advisory work I do for our clients, made me a great fit for the engagement. I ultimately provided expert testimony at the trial, informing the court and the jury about the workings of Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and computer programming.

Due to the complexity of the issues at the heart of the case, effective communication with the client was essential. Through our team’s cross-functional collaboration across a variety of skillsets—from programming, to law, to digital forensics—we were able to quickly validate our analyses, communicate the right information, and address our client’s specific concerns.

This engagement was indicative of the things I value most about working here—the diversity and high-impact nature of our projects. We work with major decision makers such as high-level executives, attorneys, and board members, often with some of the largest companies and private equity firms in the world. For example, I’ve redesigned cyber security and privacy programs by understanding key stakeholders’ priorities, leverage existing technology systems and the firms’ own internal data.

As a concrete example, I recently worked with management of a high-tech company that generates petabytes of data per year to assess the flow of information throughout their technology estate to understand their cyber risk and regulatory exposure in different geographical jurisdictions.

There’s also ample opportunity to work across the firm. For example, I’ve even been engaged alongside our restructuring group to provide digital solutions to our delivery team to optimize how we analyze data and deliver value for the client.

All of these engagements continue to present new challenges and opportunities. The exposure to high-impact situations, meaningful client relationships, and unique challenges offered by working at AlixPartners enables incredible growth both as a professional and as an individual.

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