A distinguishing part of our talent strategy, the AlixPartners’ assessment is a series of self-administered online exercises, often in combination with an interview with an organizational psychologist, designed to capture insights into your work preferences, natural motivations and inclinations, and problem-solving capabilities. Candidates across all levels take our assessment, and every candidate has a chance to learn from the feedback.

Having used assessment since our firm’s beginning very thoughtfully and intentionally, we know the qualities associated with a long, successful career at AlixPartners. Our assessment is an investment in identifying candidates that will thrive in our firm and benefit from our entrepreneurial and high-performance environment.

Why gather psychological insight?

We all have varying skills, abilities, interests, traits, and motivational preferences. Our assessments offer one window into these and complement other behavioral and technical interviews. This insight helps us better predict people’s success in our environment, and helps new hires acclimate quickly, accelerate their growth, and enhance their psychological awareness. This experience offers development by design.

World-class firm

We hold high standards which is something that makes our firm stand out in all the best ways within the professional services industry. People who join the firm can trust their colleagues are just as talented and committed to our firm’s success as they are. This establishes immediate credibility and helps to enable confidence in working together.

Taking a data-driven approach

Our assessments help us understand people in a more consistent, balanced, and objective manner rather than relying on human judgment and intuition alone. We use a modelling approach backed by data to guard against natural human biases.

Diversity & Inclusion

We value diversity and are committed to building an inclusive workplace. We regularly examine our assessment tools and outcomes to ensure fairness, and we find that it supports our efforts to invite colleagues from diverse backgrounds and experiences to join our team.

Making the commitment

It takes time to understand people deeply. The assessment is a multifaceted experience that cumulatively can be completed in around 2-3 hours. Our goal is to find the right balance between your preferred style of working and how our firm operates, ensuring mutual success and the opportunity for a fulfilling career here.

Expert insights

Organizational psychologists study how people behave at work. Our team is well-versed in topics such as leadership, motivation, organizational design, productivity, engagement, and scientific methods to understand predictors of success in a given culture. After you receive a hiring decision, you can schedule an Assessment Insights session with a member of our Organizational Development team to learn about your results.