Realizing transformative operating models to deliver profitable growth for Hitachi Energy


Whether it’s achieving energy autonomy, unlocking new economic opportunities, or effectively managing renewables and DER, Hitachi Energy’s Grid Edge Solutions is a key enabler in the acceleration of energy transition for its clients. The area of the business was growing rapidly, and Hitachi Energy required impartial, experienced advice on how to reach its ambitious revenue targets and reach the next level of growth by transforming its business operations.

Maxine Ghavi, Hitachi Energy’s Group SVP and Head of Grid Edge Solutions shares her insight on the energy solutions market, realizing the ambitious revenue and growth opportunities, and how AlixPartners supported Hitachi Energy to transform their operating model.

"The work wasn't about coming up with process flows, but also identifying the steps to implement them–working with and understanding the team dynamics, and understanding the business. This practical aspect was a key contributor to our decision to work with AlixPartners.”

Maxine Ghavi – Group SVP, Head of Grid Edge Solutions

Industry Insight

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We explore the latest market disruptions that Hitachi Energy face, and the challenges, key trends, and what the future holds for the renewable energy market.

Revenue & Growth

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Hear Hitachi Energy’s rapid growth ambitions for Grid Edge Solutions, and how AlixPartners worked alongside the Grid Edge Solutions team to evolve the operating model to achieve sustainable growth against challenging goals.

Why AlixPartners

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Maxine discusses why AlixPartners was the partner of choice for the Grid Edge Solutions transformation, and how we supported the team by 'being part of the team.'

“We were growing rapidly and had reached the point where we needed a step change to reach our next level of growth–it was time for transformation, and we needed to move fast. AlixPartners listened and didn’t come in with preconceived ideas. You listened to the team and made the work very interactive, which made the process easier. Our team felt part of the transformation team, which makes a big difference.”

Maxine Ghavi – Group SVP, Head of Grid Edge Solutions

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