Our AlixPartners Alumni Program offers

  • Invitations to exclusive alumni and client events
  • A network of over 2,800 people from around the world
  • The latest news and insights from the firm

Interested in learning more about the AlixAlumni community or looking to become more involved as an AlixPartners alumnus? 

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Simon Freakley, Chief Executive Officer

“The firm would not be in the strong position it is today without the hard work and dedication of our Alumni—our AlixPartners family—who helped to build and grow the business. Thank you for the work you have contributed to make AlixPartners a success. I look forward to your continued connection with the firm through our AlixAlumni program."

What our alumni are doing

Leigh Ann Schultz: When you finish one bucket list, start another

AlixAlumna Leigh Ann Schultz talks about her approach to completing an endurance event in Antarctica.

Leigh Ann's story

Why our alumni stay connected

Photo of Sophie

Sophie Schuster

AlixAlumna, New York 

"I still feel very connected to the firm through AlixAlumni. I feel that I was and still am valued as an (ex) employee of AlixPartners. AlixAlumni is great for networking and keeping engaged with the firm's activities and current employees."

Paul Adams 

AlixAlumnus, London 

"A real benefit for me is continuing to feel part of one of the most dynamic and impactful firms in the world - the firm is unique and despite not being employed by AlixPartners it is great to be connected." 

Photo of Michael

Michael O’Connor 

AlixAlumnus, Houston 

"The program provides a forum to stay connected and engaged with the firm and former colleagues. It also provides an opportunity to expand my network." 

And why they come back

Returning Alumnus: David Hutchinson

Partner & Managing Director, London

“With all the challenges that the world is facing, now is the time for AlixPartners, I've been really impressed by the capability that's been added in the revenue and growth areas while I've been away, as well as the strengthening of industry skills.”

After a four-year hiatus, David Hutchinson returned to the firm in our Performance & Technology practice.

Read David's Story

Returning Alumnus: Sonal Odedra 

Strategic Finance Manager, Detroit 

"Numbers are my thing, but more important to me is understanding and sharing the world behind the numbers. The success of the firm, and our opportunities for growth, are revealed in the stories on the spreadsheet." 

Sonal Odedra left AlixPartners to lead a finance and business transformation for a family-owned business - attending an AlixAlumni event in 2019 helped her realize that AlixPartners is home. 

Returning Alumnus: Vik Grover

Director, Detroit

"The experience I gained during my time away was very valuable. I had the opportunity to work at companies longer-term than I would on most consulting projects and so could develop and implement new strategies and see the results of those strategies over time."

Vik Grover rejoined after a three-year stint at a private equity company, and now works in our Operations practice.

Vik Grover

Returning Alumnus: Peter Fitzsimmons 

Partner & Managing Director, New York 

"I always suggest staying in touch with your former employers. The AlixAlumni program makes that easier now for people who move on from the firm, and reminds them that the firm cares enough about them to stay connected. Our alumni will continue to be important in the next five years, and not just for people like me who decide that they want to return to the firm, but also for people looking for new connections and business opportunities.” 

Peter Fitzsimmons joined AlixPartners in 1995 and left the firm in 2013 to pursue a career as an investor. He rejoined AlixPartners again in 2020 in our Turnaround & Restructuring practice. 

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