2018 litigation and corporate compliance survey: technology and data security loom large

January 18, 2018
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Data security and technology continue to loom large for senior corporate legal and compliance professionals in 2018. To learn more about how companies are addressing these issues, we surveyed more than 200 corporate counsel and compliance officers at companies across the United States and Europe.  

At a glance

  • An overwhelming number of companies (94%) either implemented new technology during the past 12 months or spent the same. 
  • Spending on outside counsel and litigation hasn’t slowed down either—it’s either stayed the same or increased for 9/10 respondents. 
  • Companies trying to strike the right balance between doing more work in-house and hiring outside counsel focused more on internal resources last year.
  • Few (8%) expect arbitration cases to decrease, indicating that it remains a popular way to resolve disputes.

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