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Melding of the minds

Cybersecurity Director David Stanton shares how a blowout at his son’s soccer game introduced him to AlixPartners, and how the firm made sure it was a mutual fit.
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Networking at my son’s soccer game

Funny enough, I had my first real exposure to AlixPartners at my son’s soccer game. My son’s team was way up on the other team, so I became a little less interested in the game and a little more interested in a conversation I was having with another parent, who brought up AlixPartners when he heard I was a consultant. I knew about the firm through its work with General Motors during the financial crisis, but I didn’t really know anything about its culture.

The way he described AlixPartners’ entrepreneurial spirit and its people was vastly different than what I was used to in consulting, and I knew that I needed to learn more. Within a few days I was speaking to leaders in the cybersecurity practice about an opportunity at the firm.

Melding of the minds

I really enjoyed the due diligence that the company performed to make sure it was the right fit both for myself and for the company. From the conversations with leaders, interviews with the team, and the assessment, it’s clear that the company really cares about who they bring in and that it will be a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship.

The opposite of an “elbows out” culture

Everyone I met was experienced, happy, incredibly intelligent, and welcoming. In the past, I’ve run into the challenges of an “elbows out” culture where leadership was happy to have you there, but everybody else saw you as competition. I never felt this during my interviews with AlixPartners or in my first few months at the firm. It’s been incredibly refreshing.



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