We lead by example. Our leadership team represents decades of experience working in the industries we serve and as AlixPartners consultants. Together, we turn wisdom into action for our clients and for our firm.

Our small, senior teams combine strategic vision and real-world industry experience to address critical issues in high-pressure situations. We work closely alongside our clients, and each other, to provide practical and sustainable solutions—when it really matters.

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Reach out to any of our consultants above, or contact us to learn more about how we help businesses get and stay healthy, despite the many disruptive forces affecting the global markets today.

Latest Insights

Disruption is the new economic cycle

The pace and impact of disruption have accelerated dramatically, as evidenced most recently by the coronavirus pandemic. Now, the near-constancy of disruption has overtaken economic cycles as the most pervasive influence on business. For leaders, the top priority is to find new ways of anticipating, reacting to, and, when appropriate, creating these forces of change.

March 17, 2020

COVID-19 Response: Insights and advice

As the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic become more apparent and economic conditions worsen, businesses must prepare for extreme disruption. Timeframes are uncertain and governmental guidance varies from country to country. It is incumbent upon leaders to address immediate concerns and prepare for multiple contingencies, while keeping business running with a longer-term perspective.

April 6, 2020

When an Emerging Market's Healthcare Fund Nears Collapse

Client Story: Abraaj Growth Markets Health Fund plunged into crisis after high-profile investors launched a forensic investigation following allegations of misuse of fund money. The AlixPartners approach protected 10,000 jobs and avoided disruption to more than two million patients, keeping the Abraaj Healthcare system operating safely during the entire restructuring procedure.

March 29, 2019