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Edward Boyle

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Ed guides clients on forensic accounting and compliance matters, with a particular focus on accounting fraud. He is experienced in leading Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) investigations, compliance reviews and fraud investigations spanning multiple jurisdictions. His extensive forensic accounting expertise covers a wide range of contentious matters including quantification of loss of profits claims, business valuations, breach of warranty claims, asset tracing and other disputes where fraud is alleged. He advises clients across a number of sectors including IT, energy, pharmaceuticals, real estate and media. Other client sectors include financial services where he has fulfilled an in-house role at a major retail bank. Ed is a Chartered Accountant and is fluent in Chinese.

Ed Boyle

Ed善于为客户处理法务会计和合规审查方面的相关事宜,尤其侧重于处理会计欺诈。他曾在多个司法管辖区为客户进行《反海外腐败法》(FCPA)调查、合规审查和欺诈调查。Ed丰富的法务会计专业知识可以为客户解决广泛且富有争议性的问题,包括量化利润损失索赔、业务估值、违反保修索赔、资产追查以及其他涉嫌欺诈的纠纷。 他曾为多个领域的客户群提供专业咨询,包括信息技术、能源、制药、房地产和媒体等。 Ed曾为金融行业提供咨询服务,在一家大型零售银行担任内部职务。 Ed目前是一名注册会计师并精通中文。

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