Lucy Haines, Administrative Senior Professional at AlixPartners, was vacationing in Australia when she realized she was not far from the Daintree Rainforest, home to the ‘AlixPartners Forest’ planted by ClimateForce as part of an AlixGives sustainability partnership.

AlixPartners has proudly supported ClimateForce, an environmental organization that works to regenerate damaged land and ocean and build green recovery plans to create jobs, cut emissions, and protect biodiversity, for over four years. Last year, the firm furthered our partnership by sponsoring the planting of over 2,500 trees in the forest.

“When I found out our trees are in the Daintree, I was eager to visit. It was incredible, a real eye opener to the amazing work AlixPartners is contributing to. It was inspiring to see the hard work and dedication shown by ClimateForce and all their volunteers,” shared Lucy.

Part of ClimateForce’s mission is to reconnect the Daintree Rainforest, the world’s oldest rainforest, to the Daintree River. Their goal is to plant 360,000 native Australian trees in Daintree before 2025.

 “It’s a massive task. They are working to regrow over 500 acres of rainforest that was deforested for farming and cattle. The aim is to help animals have a way to get from the rainforest to the river,” Lucy added.

“Partnering with AlixPartners has been critical to successfully planting and managing trees as part of our land and biodiversity trial,” shared Daniel D’Hotman, Director of ClimateForce. “Working together, we can all play a part in reversing deforestation this decade—reducing carbon emissions and protecting endangered plants and animals.”  

While visiting, the ClimateForce team showed Lucy their AlixPartners dashboard through which they located the exact trees planted in her name.

“I feel very lucky and honored to have been part of the journey from choosing trees to be planted to actually visiting the site and seeing my trees in real life.”

This year, more trees will be planted in the AlixPartners Forest on behalf of the firm’s Awards in Excellence winners, helping ClimateForce get that much closer to their goal.  

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