Charting sales, sentiment, and supply chains in consumer-facing businesses

Post-pandemic, slowing growth and the need to drive productivity to maintain profitability are top concerns. Ongoing supply chain and labor difficulties increase the challenges for leaders of consumer products businesses.

Consumers have, to a large degree, rallied through rising interest rates and surging inflation, yet their resilience is being severely tested, and a widespread spending pullback may materialize as many consumers begin to trade down.

Here we provide a rolling quarterly check on year-on-year changes in retail sales, consumer sentiment, company performance, inventory movement, and other supply chain health indicators.

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cp corner consumer pulse july 2023

LATEST ASSESSMENT: consumer pulse

Sentiment continues to climb compared to this time last year, buoyed by slowing inflation and a strong jobs market. The latter fueling income’s outpacing of debt, which is in-turn driving increased spending on Personal-Health & Wellness and E-commerce. As expectations rise that interest rate hikes may soon be ending, economists are beginning to question previous predictions of a recession. The second half of 2023 is still filled with numerous unknowns - Will consumers continue to push a strong economy? Will COVID-era savings eventually dwindle and push debt higher? Whether retail spending continues to climb, or consumers are forced to tighten their budgets, what is clear is that Consumer Products companies will need to stay agile, continuing to differentiate themselves to win customers.


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