Digital disruption, sustainability concerns, and changing lifestyles are reshaping consumer behavior.

At the same time, global supply-chain complexity, labor challenges, and the influence of technologies like AI are complicating value creation for consumer products (CP) companies. Companies need to solve up and down the value chain for an evolving industry.

AlixPartners’ Consumer Products practice is comprised of senior professionals with deep industry expertise and a unique blend of advisory and operating experience. We help CP companies across all segments—from packaged goods to durable goods—navigate critical business challenges and capture incremental opportunities. From urgent performance improvement to complex restructuring, from mergers and acquisitions to accelerated transformation, we’ve worked with many of the leading branded and private-label companies as well as major private-equity firms. 

We understand the unique challenges facing CP companies today. Whether you’re looking to drive category growth, make step-change improvements in operations and organizational performance, identify the right digital platform, or reconfigure your product portfolio, our professionals have the experience and judgement to partner with your organization.  

We don't just tell you what to do; we help you do it. We work side by side to help you execute with confidence while building the skills necessary to sustain results.

How we can help

Food & Beverage

In the volatile food and beverage landscape, we help companies navigate headwinds, from fluctuating costs and disrupted supply chains to evolving consumer preferences and market consolidation.

Personal & Household Care

With the market for personal and household care fragmented by evolving preferences, digital disruption, and regulatory shifts, we equip brands to thrive and win.

Consumer Durables

Consumer durables are in the midst of a smart, connected revolution. As global shocks, volatile materials, trade tensions, and supply chain disruptions threaten to stall innovation, we help companies weather these challenges.

Apparel & Luxury Goods

Apparel and luxury goods companies need to be particularly nimble to adapt to accelerating changes in consumer tastes, influences, consumption and shopping habits. We offer support across the highly complex fashion value chain to deliver the capabilities required to compete.


Packaging companies are challenged by customers to deliver lower cost, more environmentally friendliness packaging that is strong enough to protect products and attractive enough to please consumers. We help empower packaging companies to navigate this tension, so they thrive in the age of conscious consumerism. 

Private Equity

For private equity (PE) companies navigating the consumer products market, we offer a roadmap to success. We pinpoint strategic acquisitions, optimize portfolio operations, and unlock hidden value even in uncertain times. Our data-driven approach and industry expertise empower PE companies to make winning moves and outperform the market.

Case studies


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