There is no value in denial. The decarbonization taking place across all industries will result in massive asset write-offs and downgrading - on both macro and micro levels. As a new study has pointed out, all conventional coal, gas, nuclear, and hydro power plants will need to reconsider their asset valuation.

The RethinkX report "Rethinking enery" points out that the vast majority of  conventional facilities will see their assets stranding as they become financially unviable over the next decade.  (see

Only few pertinent corporate players seem ready to disclose the financial risk implied, e.g. Total S.A. reporting 8.1bn USD assumed risk of stranded assets in 2020  ( 

There is a palpable risk of stranded assets being overrated by the capital markets. Once this is recognized then some form of regulation will duly follow. Transparency beyond disclosure, solid valuation of stranded assets and those that can be repurposed is indispensable to weather the disruptions ahead.