Most often, CEOs and executives have no option other than operating in a linear and systemic way necessary to current “normal”; this often doesn’t match the desired pace of change and the exogenous, accelerating reshaping happening across industries. The elusive holy grail is having a (small) set of actionable financial and operational metrics available and usable in real time. Instead, there’s the reality of manual pulls and adjustments, sanitization and reconciliation, and the inability to drill down in a dynamic and integrated way. In essence, the moment you get the information, it’s already stale and been manipulated multiple times.

Not surprisingly, SaaS products and services are developed in a more agile fashion than business decisions are made. Wouldn’t it be empowering to be able to measure the impact of organizational or investment decisions with immediate and synchronized data, allowing for course corrections and prompt reprioritization or resource reallocation? To enable this, executives should focus on:

  • Integrating information across the entire organization and from the public domain, untied to the nature of data sources (whether structured, unstructured, multimedia, etc.) and the status of the underlying technical stack;
  • Identifying how the new wealth of data can help solve most basic business questions, in a highly iterative process;
  • Standing up Proof of Concepts around the defined business decisions in weeks, with evidence of the impact via measurable operational and/or financial outcomes; and
  • Creating the basis for the “learning” organization, where data flow becomes the basis for the compounding of information to start predicting and guiding decisions and solutions for questions that were not imaginable in the past.

By partnering with Palantir, the leading platform for data integration, AlixPartners is embedding these capabilities to help our clients drive accelerated value creation. Considering the ever-increasing complexity and urgency of driving transformative actions, often in parallel with strategic initiatives, real time and AI augmented decision-making becomes indispensable.

With these tools, companies can now develop proof of concept around key transformation actions within weeks. And this can be done without creating new “technical debt” and with the ability to shift to a production environment and implementation in days.

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