We asked ourselves what strategies a leading company in the field of technology must adopt to navigate this highly competitive landscape. We turned this question to Angela Paparone, HR manager at Microsoft Italia: “Every day, we analyze and address how to differentiate ourselves in the market. In particular, our culture, rooted in the sense of belonging, makes the difference.

The last two years have seen radical changes in the relationships between companies and people: the latter need to identify themselves with corporate values and ask for an investment in their professional growth with an open-minded approach. Microsoft has focused heavily on leadership, caring, inclusiveness, collaboration, and enhancement of others, creating a culture that acts as a glue for the entire organization. The company’s goal is for managers to become role models for ongoing transformation by increasing their awareness that these behaviors help to take better care of people, facilitate their growth, and make them feel part of an environment that understands and stimulates them.

Microsoft devotes time and significant investment to the development of people. Flexibility, smart working, and the possibility of balancing professional and family commitments are the tools made possible by the evolution of technology and the time managers spend talking to their collaborators to understand the personal needs that must be taken into account. According to Angela Paparone, “it is crucial to invest in people who can live in an organizational model that challenges itself.

The company also has the ambition to breed leadership with a “fearless” culture, capable of adopting behaviours that help people feel included and driven to innovate. However, the impact of this change is significant only if it can innovate the entire country. For this reason, Microsoft intends to bring the advantages of digitalization to all Italian companies and support the cultural change that leads to innovation and people’s well-being. To facilitate this process, the company has taken action with some of the country’s critical players. With UniCredit, it launched the “Together4Digital” project, which offers dedicated tools and financing for accelerating the digital transformation of Italian companies. It also focuses on people training.

In the final article of our series, we will try to answer the decisive question: in the context of scarce digital resources, what are the alternatives available?

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