The outlook for employee equity is brighter thanks to Ownership Works, a nonprofit organization working to catalyze the design and implementation of employee ownership models and increase shared prosperity.

AlixPartners is among the pioneers driving long-term employee equity programs in the professional services space. Our commitment to employee value stake is part of our corporate DNA. Having built programs for ownership across our culture with intention, it feels only natural to partner with Ownership Works and share what we’ve learned along the way.

AlixPartners joins founders across the investor, financial, nonprofit, and professional services fields in supporting Ownership Works’ development and deployment of new models of shared ownership that aim to create financial opportunity for all.

Simon Freakley, CEO of AlixPartners, connects the movement to the foundational principles we as a firm follow across our business. “Shared ownership strongly aligns with our core values, fosters a culture of inclusion, and strengthens the workforce. Our support of Ownership Works is support for transforming how ownership is distributed within organizations in ways that will help working families build wealth.”

The organization provides private and public companies with models, tools, and resources to implement shared ownership programs that work to improve corporate cultures, company performance, and employee financial well-being. When implemented well, shared ownership can drive improved employee engagement, lower turnover, higher quality output and service, and better firm financial performance.

Our personal experience with employee ownership combined with our deep and unique expertise in private equity makes our synergy with Ownership Works that much stronger. We are aiming our support at the ‘how’ aspect; by practically identifying how best to get these programs stood up to drive improved outcomes.

A group of AlixPartners executives have been volunteering to support the organization’s programming – co-developing a process to conduct root cause analysis for employee engagement surveys and identifying which KPIs should be used to measure the success of an ownership program.  These tools will support the companies engaged with Ownership Works in communicating how the direct contributions of their employees drive equity value creation and personal wealth.

Anna-Lisa Miller is the Executive Director of Ownership Works. “Ownership Works relies on the support and commitment of our founding partners and our collaboration with AlixPartners is going to absolutely accelerate our efforts to bring shared ownership programs to more investors, companies, and ultimately to workers.”

AlixPartners leverages its people, collective skills, and financial resources to tackle the most pressing challenges across industries and society. I know that it’s a challenge for workers across all levels of any organization to see how their work leads to value. As we continue to partner with Ownership Works, I’m excited to apply the operational and execution-oriented AlixPartners touch to help their membership bridge that barrier and help employees truly realize their value and individual impact.

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