Today’s go-to-market for enterprise software companies involves a complex ecosystem of partners. These include traditional resellers, technology system integrators (SI), managed service providers (MSPs), independent software vendors (ISVs), and more.

The rapid adoption of subscription models and cloud marketplaces is changing the role of these
partners in go-to-market strategies. Many partners are adapting to the new market dynamics
by increasingly offering their own services around software deployment, support, and customer
success. In response, enterprise software vendors are reallocating their partner investment
to drive profitable growth through their partner ecosystem. This involves funding for partner
programs, comprehensive training, co-marketing, and co-selling initiatives. Additionally, vendors are strategically directing resources towards enhancing API integrations, enabling joint solutions, and accelerating cloud marketplace go-to-market motions.

We identify the top partner investment areas for enterprise software vendors by size and
growth rate, and discuss how they can best utilize these funds to maximize partnership benefits.