This is a co-authored article between AlixPartners and NAX Group. Alongside Sonia Lapinsky and Angela Zutavern, Sid Shah contributed from a NAX perspective. 

Every year, Santa delivers millions of presents worldwide in one night. Yet somehow, it seems fashion trends shift even faster. What’s “in” and what’s “out” appears to always be in flux. This holiday season, how can shoppers snag the hottest new jacket for themselves or loved ones before it’s already out of style? 

Have no fear, AlixPartners and NAX Group are bringing the holiday cheer—and a solution to this problem. AlixPartners’ head of AI Angela Zutavern recently appeared on NBC’s “The Today Show” to highlight how AlixPartners and NAX jointly developed insights and identified trends around the holiday season. 

Read on for the results of our gift-giving fashion research. But first, we want to dive deeper into the retailer implications enabled by AI advances. AI will not only change how consumers shop, but how retailers manage the end-to-end supply chain. These new capabilities are a crucial business tool for merchants—trend analysis is already impacting how retailers think through assortment strategy, inventory management, and more.

Social media is a critical touchpoint for retailers of all sizes to connect with consumers. NAX’s leading, proprietary AI software can quickly and efficiently evaluate vast quantities of social data across TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, X, YouTube, and Reddit to unearth growth opportunities, trends, and actionable insights. The platform can even use these features to help companies design and develop products, expediting new product discovery and scalable launch.

This year, NAX powered AlixPartners’ holiday research, analyzing 500,000 relevant social media posts to efficiently identify the most popular fashion trends. At a high level, we expect the festive season to be marked by:

  • Colors: Black, grey, brown, maroon, cherry red, and silver
  • Fabrics: Cashmere, wool, and leather
  • Other trends: Texture, metallic, oversized, bold, power dressing, and faux fur 
  • Top influencers impacting trends: Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner

Given economic headwinds, we expect holiday sales to underwhelm this year, echoed by the results of the annual AlixPartners Holiday Outlook Survey. As such, retailers will need to entice cash-strapped consumers with “value-right” offerings that make shoppers feel they are getting a deal on the hottest items. When it comes to fashion, AlixPartners and NAX believe these items will be:

AI advances mean you no longer have an excuse for getting your significant other a sweater that’s two seasons out of style. Retailers and consumers alike can now analyze loads of research and data faster than ever before. If Santa uses AI to optimize his route efficiency, he might complete his deliveries in half the time.