Meet Vik Grover

Read about Vik's experience rejoining AlixPartners after three years at a private equity firm

In this interview, Vik Grover, a Director on our Operations team, shares his experience rejoining AlixPartners after a three-year stint at a private equity company. As his story illustrates, our AlixPartners team values new skills and experiences that boomerang employees bring back to the firm.

When you left AlixPartners, did you think there was a possibility that you might come back to consulting? 

 Definitely! When I went into private equity, I was interested in doing something different. I had been in consulting for so long, so I just wanted to confirm that this is what I really wanted to do for the next 20 years in my career or if I would prefer a role in industry. An opportunity came about with a private equity firm and so I jumped on it knowing that I might decide later to go back to consulting.

How did you stay connected with AlixPartners during your time away from the firm? 

I left on very good terms and was transparent with my team about why I was leaving and what I was looking for in this new role. Having that foundation made it easy to keep in touch with my former colleagues. I still wanted to be a part of the AlixPartners network and enjoyed any opportunities to hear updates about the firm. I also received an invite to join the AlixAlumni LinkedIn group immediately upon leaving which made it easier to get news and insights from the firm.  

What was the re-recruitment process like? 

I reached out to one of the Partner & Managing Directors that I worked with at the firm and let him know that I was interested in coming back. He put me in touch with our Talent Acquisition team, and it was a very quick and seamless process.

How have you leveraged the new skills and experiences you gained during your time away, now that you're back at AlixPartners? 

The experience I gained during my time away from AlixPartners was very valuable. I had the opportunity to work at companies longer-term than I would on most consulting projects and so could develop and implement new strategies and see the results of those strategies over time. I also was able to get line leader experience. For example, at one of my portfolio companies, I oversaw supply chain & logistics planning, material planning, and scheduling and turned those functions around over 8 or 9 months. Those experiences helped me mature as a professional and have given me more confidence now that I’m back.  

Have you noticed any changes to the firm since you have been away? 

I was away from the firm for roughly three years and despite that being a relatively short period of time, I’ve noticed the firm has grown tremendously during my time away. We have acquired several firms, our business revenue has grown, and the number of people at the firm is noticeably larger. For example, when I went to my first orientation session back in 2016, there were just three people in my session. This time around, my orientation group was forty-six people!

What advice do you have for members of our AlixAlumni community who are looking to boomerang back to AlixPartners? 

I recommend connecting with your AlixPartners network to let them know that you are interested in returning and what type of work you are looking to do if you come back. I also think that you should rebuild your personal brand a bit. You should update your network on the ways that you have changed since your first tenure at the firm. Be sure to share details on the new skills that you have acquired and tell the story of your professional growth.

If you are an AlixAlumnus who is interested in exploring a return to the firm, we encourage you to review our job board and apply to any roles of interest.